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At the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C., our Alhambra, California criminal defense and business law attorney offers exceptional representation for our over 85,300 residents in Los Angeles County.

From aggressive felony law defenses to uncompromising business contract negotiations, our firm provides our community with an assured legal representative who provides solutions inside and outside of the courtroom.

Major Employers In Alhambra, California

The Alhambra, California economy thrives locally from the contribution of the many car dealerships that call our city home. Our city’s hardworking network of employees are devoted to our Alhambra’s growth, and the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C. stands behind their every legal need to ensure their rights are protected at every turn.

Other large employers in Alhambra, California include:

The Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C. Practice Areas in Alhambra, California

Our Alhambra, California criminal defense and business lawyer design unique legal solutions for each of our clients, whether their needs involve real estate and trusts or felony and misdemeanor representation. Our diverse practice areas allow our firm to fully partner with our clients, delivering wide-ranging resolutions for their current and future needs, whether they are business, civil, or criminal matters.

Benjamin Sternberg’s Alhambra, California practice areas include:

Cannabis Business Formation and Regulation in Alhambra, California

Our cannabis business attorney in Alhambra, California has years of government service, including employment with both the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney, which provides the experience and education necessary to work with our lawmakers to ensure absolute legality in your operations.

As the cannabis laws continuously change, so will your legal obligations. The best way to stay ahead of the governing guidelines is to partner with an Alhambra cannabis attorney who will provide business solutions that allow you to not only establish your business but expand it.

Contract law is an accompanying practice area for our firm, which allows our cannabis business lawyer to provide top-notch, all-encompassing representation to ensure:

  • State and local licensing applications are complete, filed, compliant, and legally binding
  • Cultivation or distribution entities are registered successfully according to our California laws
  • Local ordinances and requirements for all municipalities are successfully interpreted
  • Advisement and representation regarding cannabis business locations for successful growth

The California cannabis laws provide an excellent opportunity for ownership, as long as the businesses are established legally, and operate compliantly with the guidelines set forth by our both the local and state governing entities that control the industry. Our Alhambra, California criminal defense and business lawyer will help get your business established quickly and effectively, so you can begin reaping the benefits of the expanding commerce.

Can I Grow Cannabis Without A Business License in Alhambra, California?

The recreational use of marijuana is legal in the State of California, which allows for minimal cannabis growth opportunities without a business license.

The guidelines for the recreational use of marijuana differ greatly from cannabis business opportunities, and are confined to adults over the age of 21 who may:

  • Possess up to 28.5 grams, or just over one ounce, of dried marijuana leaf or eight concentrated grams of cannabis for personal use only
  • Grow up to six plants for personal use with certain restrictions

Possession over these amounts, or possession of any amount by an individual under the age of 21 years old is subject to criminal penalties. Marijuana remains illegal on a federal level, and the penalties of possession or growth that fall outside of California’s regulations are criminally enforceable.

If you are interested in establishing a cannabis business in Alhambra, California or elsewhere in the state, contact our experienced Lawyer today to fully understand the stringent guidelines and learn how we can help you create a legally compliant business that will evolve with the laws.

Contact Our Experienced Lawyer in Alhambra, CA Today For A Free Consultation

Whether you are seeking a Lawyer to review contracts, establish a cannabis business, or protect your rights in criminal court, our Alhambra, California attorney at the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C. will create the legal solutions you need without delay, beginning with a free consultation by calling (818) 574-0860 now.