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Protecting Your Rights, Business and Family Meet Our Attorney
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Experienced Lawyers in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley

Thank you for visiting our website where we hope we can answer all your questions and assist you in making the decision to seek attorneys that will have your back, by utilizing our Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley law firm’s vast experience in several areas of litigation and transactional law, including:

  • Business Law, Administration, and Formation
  • Divorce, Custody, Property
  • Restraining Order Representation
  • Criminal Felonies & Misdemeanors
  • Real Estate Law
  • Drafting, Analyzing, and Negotiating Contracts

Our objective is to protect your rights, your business, and your family. Years of government service including working in the Clinton Administration, the Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney, and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, give Ben an edge when it comes to dealing with your issues before all levels of the government.

Business Law Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

Our office has vast experience in representing, assisting, and advising businesses both large and small, in the areas of business formation and business practices, as well as conformity with state and local controls, regulations, and licensing. We also handle your business litigation needs when it comes to disputes over suppliers, contracts, service providers, and insurers.

Criminal Law Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

There is no scarier time as the time you or a loved one is facing prosecution from the government. At these times, it is important to be comfortable with representation that is prepared, confident, and communicative. Ben’s legal background runs deep with criminal and constitutional procedure, not only with his time of government service with the Los Angeles District Attorney and Los Angeles City Attorney’s offices, but also from years of defending clients facing felony, misdemeanor, and traffic charges.

Real Estate Law Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

Due to the uncertainties of the economy, issues surrounding real estate purchases, sales, and even leases on real property, have become more abundant in the greater Los Angeles area. You need a lawyer that understands the market and is compassionate to the importance of what is either your largest asset or where you call home. Having served as one of the youngest bench officers in Los Angeles County history for approximately 7 years, Ben’s time as Judge Pro Tem included landlord and tenant issues, whereby Ben would hear argument from litigants and make rulings. We encompass both the litigation as well as the
transactional side of this unique area of law.

Contract Law Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

Our office represents large corporations as well as individuals and everything in between in drafting, analyzing, negotiating, and attacking contracts. Contracts are involved in most every facet of our day to day lives. Let us help you or your business navigate the complex world of making agreements in a sufficient yet
detailed way.

The basics of a contract under common law include what it is one is bargaining for, as well as the consideration for that bargain. Our contracts, as well as our analysis, are well prepared and well thought out to protect our clients’ objectives in entering into any agreement.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

California has seen an unfortunate increase in this area of law. These laws can be found in both the California Penal Code and the Family Law Code. Prosecuting a civil order for protection in these matters can be very emotional, and we take your concerns seriously at the same time respecting your discretion. In defending as accused either in criminal or civil courts, we have an almost perfect record of victories. Defendants in criminal domestic violence cases or respondents in civil orders of protection, are treated with dignity and their case assertively defended. Often, the outcome of these cases have custody or habitation consequences which are addressed with great attention.

Felony Law Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

Felonies in California state court, are those crimes which permit incarceration in state prison, as opposed to county jail. Either commission or the attempt of crimes such as burglary, robbery, murder, trafficking, grand theft, assault with a weapon, possession of certain illegal drugs, criminal threats, fraud, forgery, etc…
are charged as felonies; as well even driving under the influence where an injury was sustained by another [other driver, pedestrian, passenger] may be charged as a felony.

Drug Possession Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

Possession of illegal narcotics such as heroin, cocaine [powder or rock e.g. “crack” cocaine], methamphetamine, are charged as a felony in this state and depending on the amount of the illegal drug one is charged with possessing, the defendant can be also charged with possession for sale of the drug and/or may face a harsher sentence if convicted.

In California, recreational use of marijuana became legal with the passing of Proposition 64 in November 2016. Now, adults over the age of 21 may possess up to 28.5 grams [just over 1 ounce] of dried marijuana leaf or eight (8) concentrated grams of cannabis, for personal use. Additionally, they may grow up to six (6) plants for their personal use with certain restriction. Possession over these amounts or possession by an individual under the age of 21, make one subject to criminal penalty Federally, marijuana remains illegal under schedule 1 of the United States Controlled Substances Act.

Expungement Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

Most potential employers and even landlords, now do background checks on its candidates and may not offer employment based on its findings. Many felony convictions and most misdemeanors, can be expunged through the Courts. Fingerprint scans will show the record as having been expunged, yet searches using your social security number will almost certainly show no record.

Trust Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley:

Unfortunately, after a loved one passes, the trustees and the beneficiaries are left battling over the provisions and assets of the trust as well as required taxes. Let us help in making this often very emotionally trying event, more manageable.


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"Expert representation and guidance"

Thank you, Ben for the superb representation you gave me. I really appreciate all of your effort and guidance throughout the legal process. You are extremely professional, kind, and you made me feel at ease during this stressful time in my life. I also appreciate the fact that you were successful in… Read more

"Ben lives up to the hype!"

I used Ben’s legal services when I was in an unfortunate accident and was completely incapacitated. Ben made sure that all my legal documents and court dates were taken care of with great compassion and drive. I never had to worry about a single thing. He took care of making sure my accident would n… Read more

"Stellar litigator"

Ben took on a very complex court case for me that was affecting my family, and he and his office did a tremendous job for me. Ben walked me through his strategies to overcome and eventually overtake, the opposing side. Ben showed me that he is a very knowledgeable and capable attorney and proved to … Read more

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