Reduce the impact that your California criminal conviction may have on applying for a job, a loan,or a license. involved

Expungement, whether it is removing a conviction from your record, reducing a felony conviction to a misdemeanor, or cleaning your record by sealing and destroying arrest records, is worth the investment into your future and to no longer be hindered by the past.

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Dedicated Los Angeles, California Expungement Attorney

At the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C., our Los Angeles expungement attorney knows that everyone makes mistakes and that you should not have to spend the rest of your life paying for them over and over again. When you are charged with and convicted of a crime as an adult, that misstep will stay on your record going forward — unless you legally have it removed with the help of our proficient expungement lawyer.

Convictions on your record will not simply disappear over time on their own. Misdemeanors and felonies alike will continue to appear during background checks as long as you allow them to. We can make this process much more surmountable, with our experienced San Fernando Valley expungement lawyer who can offer the exacting representation you need to file a legal petition with the California court where your conviction occurred and have the judge re-open your case for the purpose of removing the conviction from your record completely.

Why Would Anyone Consider Having Their Criminal Record Expunged?

Essentially anyone with a smartphone or a computer can gain access to your criminal record by conducting a simple background check. And these searches occur more often than you might think. Each move you make financially, professionally, and even socially can uncover your past.

Our expungement lawyer has represented clients from all walks of life and all throughout the State of California, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura, and San Bernardino counties who have suffered far too long with a criminal record. Whether it is a single conviction that has existed for over a decade or multiple charges that span the past few years, once they are part of a criminal record they will stay there until they are legally removed through the courts.

The most common companies and/or individuals who may uncover your criminal past can include but are not limited to:

  • Employers
  • Landlords
  • Lenders
  • Public assistance programs
  • Professional service providers, including licensing committees
  • Volunteering organizations
  • Educational institutions

If you are a parent, chances are your child is involved in sports or social interests that may require your interaction. Some of these inclusions require a background check to ensure the safety of all the children involved. And if you have been convicted of a felony, you may not be able to assist in your child’s social advancement. When you have your record expunged, your future immediately brightens. The idea of undergoing a background check will no longer lead to stress and anxiety.

What Types of Criminal Convictions Can Be Expunged?

At the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C., our expungement lawyer in Los Angeles wants to clear as many records as possible, simply because we enjoy watching our clients move forward with a fresh start.

It is important to understand that not all convictions are eligible for expungement. Our attorney will explain the details of the process to you during our first consultation and provide immediate solutions for moving forward with your case once we know the full circumstances surrounding your expungement needs.

The Consumer Arrest Record Equity Act [CARE Act]Cal. Penal Code Section 851.91

On January 1, 2018, the California Senate Bill 393 went into effect as law as the added Section 851.91 of the California Penal Code.  New procedures which are outlined in the statute allow a person who was arrested but ultimately not convicted of a crime, to seek through the Court, an expungement of the California arrest record.

Who qualifies for expungement under CARE?

California Penal Code Section 851.91 now provides a method to seal most past arrest records, where that arrest “did not end in a conviction”. As defined by the CARE statute, this means arrest records that may be sealed are where:

  • An arrest was made, but no charges were ever filed against that person.
  • Charges were filed, but no conviction occurred as the charges were later dismissed.
  • Charges were filed, but the person was acquitted at trial by a jury or by a court.
  • The person was convicted of a crime, but the conviction was later reversed or vacated on appeal.

Who does not qualify for expungement under CARE?

A person is not eligible to seal their arrest record under California Penal Code Section 851.91 if any of the following apply:

  • The Statute of Limitations has not run on any of the offenses for which the individual was arrested and the individual could still be charged with any of those offenses.
  • The person was charged with an offense which has no Statute of Limitations, such as murder, or other serious felonies.  The exception to this exception, however, is when the individual has been acquitted or found factually innocent of the charge or charges.

The person “intentionally evaded” law enforcement efforts to locate and arrest the individual. This may mean the individual evaded arrest by fleeing the jurisdiction where the arrest took place, or through identity fraud but was subsequently charged for that act of identity fraud.

What Criminal Convictions CANNOT Be Expunged?

Most misdemeanors and felonies are eligible for expungement, however, individuals who have been convicted of serious sexual offenses that were committed against minors are not eligible to have those charges expunged.

Other criminal convictions that are not eligible for expungement include:

  • Corruption of a minor
  • Felonies and first-degree misdemeanors in which the victim is under the age of 18
  • Murder
  • Obscenity or pornography involving a minor
  • Rape
  • Serious weapons charges
  • Sexual battery
  • Sexual imposition

If you have questions regarding your expungement eligibility, our Los Angeles attorney will provide clear and concise answers right away, so we can start you on the path to a cleared record that will lead to a positive new beginning.

What if I Have Multiple Convictions? Can They All Be Expunged?

Cleaning up your complete criminal record is a smart decision, no matter how many convictions exist on your record. If the charges are eligible for expungement, the law does not preclude you from removing each one from your record.

However, each case and conviction must be handled separately. It is not possible to combine one expungement petition with another, so our lawyer will have to address each conviction individually. This is not an uncommon process, and our firm specializes in moving our clients forward so each facet of their record is addressed with personal care and a commitment to starting a new.

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