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Contracts are a vital part of the stability and consistency of our lives, whether in business, matrimony, or real estate. Our firm handles all aspects of drafting, negotiating, and analyzing agreements in everything from purchasing and sales, corporate formation, employment, neighbor disputes, settlements with government agencies, premarital agreements, company buy outs, and much more.

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Contracts Law

Customized legal contracts are a necessity in today’s world.  Whether it is business or personal, contractual obligations are often the only way agreements are upheld around the country and in the State of California. At the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C., our experienced Los Angeles contract attorneys provide a unique approach to drafting new contracts, analyzing existing agreements, and negotiating the terms of future commitments, allowing our clients’ signatures to serve as a business or personal triumph upon completion.

Our San Fernando Valley firm provides personalized legal care that affords large corporations, small business owners, and individuals alike with the complete satisfaction of knowing their contracts are written with an eye toward litigation should it be necessary. At the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C., we are passionate about delivering solid and enforceable contracts for our clients.

The Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C Contract Law Practice Areas

Contract law is vital to any livelihood, whether it is a college graduate taking on their first real-world job, which requires a contractual agreement, or seasoned industry titans who are exploring a new partnership, the terms and conditions of their obligations must be reviewed by an attorney.

Signing your name to any contract before having it reviewed by a legal professional is ill-advised and can lead to serious ramifications later, where the outcome can be costly, time-consuming, and deliver stress that takes you away from achieving your goals.

At the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C, our Los Angeles contract law attorneys will draft new contracts based on your unique needs, adapting your criteria to meet all legal obligations, so you are protected immediately. If you have an existing contract that you believe is no longer applicable to your current standing, our lawyers will review it and explain your options to move forward with a revised version, or any opportunity to cancel the existing terms.

Negotiating contracts before they are signed is a complex segment of the law that requires an accomplished attorney to ensure you are on the positive side of the agreement. Our contract law attorneys’ main focus is that you come out on top.

Our Los Angeles contract law attorneys will draft, analyze, and negotiate all types of contracts for small or large business, and individuals, including:

Arbitration agreements after they are awarded

Contractor/Sub-contractor agreements

Disputes between shareholders and between partners

Dissolution agreements

Distribution and reseller contracts

Employment contracts


Joint venture agreements

Purchase and sale contracts

Real estate purchase and sale agreements

Sales contracts

License agreements

Marriage settlements

Non-compete agreements

Non-disclosure confidentiality agreements

Operating agreements

Partnership agreements

Personal contracts

Powers of attorney

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Service contracts

Shareholder agreements

Contracts exist for the purpose of enforcement, and when they are breached in any manner, the legally binding aspect of your agreement must be exacted immediately to safeguard your personal and business interests without delay.

How Can Ben Sternberg Help with a Breach of Contract in the State of California?

Companies and individuals sign business and personal contracts to ensure their financial interests are legally protected going forward. Whether it is an agreement with a contractor, a partnership contract, or a sale of goods covenant, the signatures on the paperwork itself allow for the enforcement of the terms.

Contract litigation is one of our specialized practice areas that allow our clients to find success after a contract’s terms are violated. A breach of contract lawsuit is a serious matter in Los Angeles, but unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence.

Our lawyers understand how a breach affects the livelihoods of those who imposed the contract and focuses on mitigating their losses immediately upon the breach’s occurrence.

What Is Considered a Breach of Contract in California?

Simply put, a breach of contract occurs when one party fails to uphold their side of the agreement. There are countless ways to breach a contract, and when a person does not fulfill the specified terms of their arrangement, they will be held legally liable.

Some breach of contract examples can include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to deliver goods or services
  • Failure to complete a project or job
  • Failure to pay on time
  • Providing an inferior good or service

Determining whether a breach occurred depends on the terms of the agreement, and by comparing one party’s performance to the obligations listed within the contract.

Typically, the severity of a breach of contract is explained in four ways:

  • Minor breach: Any immaterial breach where there has been substantial performance, but the full terms of the contract were not upheld
  • Material/substantial breach: One party’s failure in performing the terms of the contract, which allows the other party to compel them to proceed, or collect damages
  • Fundamental breach: May allow for the right to stop performing, or the termination of the contract
  • Anticipatory breach: An unequivocal indication that the party is not going to perform, even if the terms of the contract have not yet been violated

These examples are simplified, and only the terms of your agreement will justify a type of breach before the law. Reclaiming the terms of the contract, or seeking financial restitution, will depend solely upon the specific contract.

Contract disputes can be very expensive and should never threaten the viability of your business or personal livelihood but provide you an opportunity to persevere. At the Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C. our contract attorneys will provide superior representation and create the legal relationships based on terms that meet your objectives.

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